Optimizing For Your Neurotype – Adapnation Podcast

Christian Thibaudeau

Co-founder of Thibarmy, Trainer

Neurotyping, Podcasts

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Optimizing For Your Neurotype – Adapnation Podcast

Optimizing For Your Neurotype - Adapnation Podcast

On this episode of AdapNation, be prepared to have your mind blown several times, as we hear from Christian on understanding who we are based on our Neurotype

Here’s What We Cover

  • Who is Christian and how he discovered Neurotype’s by trying to understand himself
  • What are the key Neurotransmitters that drive behaviour
  • The idea behind Neuro Dominance – it’s all about sensitivity and production levels
  • The chemical differences between the 5 Neurotypes
  • How each of the Neurotypes shows up in life – e.g. socially, performance, stress levels, training, nutrition, leadership
  • The Training preferences for 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B and 3 that will provide the greatest motivation and fastest recovery
  • Christian on-the-fly identifying the Neurotype of Steve people close to him
  • Many anecdotes from Christian personally and a variety of his Athletes he has trained regarding their Neurotypes
  • How to incorporate training modalities that do not match you Neurotype preference successfully

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