Neurotyping: Nutrition for the Type 1A

Neurotyping Videos / 08 November, 2017 /

By Christian Thibaudeau

Are you a Type 1A? If you have watched the various introductory videos on the Neurotyping System, you may have recognized yourself a Type 1A:

If so, we suggest you also watch the video on training for the Type 1A:

In this next video, Chris provides further insight into the Type 1A profile, this time on the topic of nutrition. Listen to learn more!



Christian Thibaudeau

Written by Christian Thibaudeau

Christian Thibaudeau has been involved in the business of training for over the last 16 years. During this period, he worked with athletes from 28 different sports. He has been “Head Strength Coach” for the Central Institute for Human Performance (of…