Neurotype Specific Supplementation Strategies – AdapNation Podcast

Christian Thibaudeau

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Neurotype Specific Supplementation Strategies – AdapNation Podcast

Neurotype Specific Supplementation Strategies - AdapNation Podcast

In this episode of AdapNation, we centre the discussion on supplementation strategies that help to either neurologically activate or inhibit or brains and bodies. Said another way, we explore Christian’s favourite supplements that help you get fired up as well as assisting with the critical role of recovery.

Here’s What We Cover

  • Inhibitory Supplements – molecules that help shut your brain down and calm your central nervous system.
  • Excitatory Supplements – the molecules and supplements that increase Dopamine without burning out with stimulants such as caffeine and preworkout.
  • Isolated supplements vs whole food – Discussing the importance of both, how to create the biggest effect, and what to do if you have a nutritionally dense diet.
  • Optimising timing for better performance and recovery – Using steve’s diet and supplementing as an example. Pre workout, Post Workout and Evening.
  • The significance of sleep on muscle building – Why Christian rates early sleeps as a top priority for all his clients
  • The importance of (low GI) Carbs before bed – the effect a carb meal has on sleep and relaxation
  • Can you change your Neurotype through supplementation? – Are we able to change ourselves from a Type 3 to a Type 1B?
  • Question your long-term supplementation – The issues with mindless long-term supplementation.

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