Muscle Expert Podcast With Ben Pakulski

Christian Thibaudeau

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Muscle Expert Podcast With Ben Pakulski

Neurotyping, Overcoming Depression, Mastering Insulin Sensitivity, Steroids And Depression

Take your body, brain and life to the next level with Christian Thibaudeau and Ben as they go into detail behind what’s holding a vast majority of people back from reaching more muscle, less stress and more success in life.

World-class strength and conditioning lecturer, elite coach and author, Christian Thibaudeau joins Ben to unpack the key areas of health that move the needle and how to optimize them through nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle.

Christian holds nothing back as he talks about his past struggles and personal battles with depression and how has grown and overcome them.

Key Topics

  • Insulin sensitivity and simple steps to enhance it
  • Christians battle with depression, stress, confidence and more
  • Steroids, depression and the effects of trenbolone on kidney tissue
  • Modulating cortisol response
  • Supplementation and nutrition intervention for optimizing GABA and Serotonin levels
  • Decreasing systemic inflammation

Time Stamps

6:20 – Constantly overtraining, eating donuts, IIFYM, using diuretics for 8 years and the effects of making simple changes.

9:30 – What’s NOT in Ben’s diet, Feeling fucking awesome, steroid experiences, anger and depression.

11:00 – 14:30 Veggie Detox, Steroids that destroy GABA levels. Trenbolone and kidney scarring.

19:05 – The 5 Elements of Training. The Braverman Test.

25:05 – Neurotransmitter types and Muscle fiber type is there a correlation between your muscle fiber type and neurotransmitter profile?

27:00 – Why most people are deficient in serotonin and GABA levels.

29:34 – The 3 most important things to have optimal health and build muscle.

31:00 – How to optimize GABA and Serotonin production nutritionally.

40:00 – The mentality needed to get ripped permanently.

42:40 – How to optimize your brain chemistry and become the best version of yourself.

43:15 – The worst disservice you can do to a child.

56:20 – Making your wife eat on the floor after she bought a $2, 000 plan ticket.

1:08:20 – Training Overhaul, Christian’s major changes in his training. The secret to enjoying your training.

1:20:40 – Eating to support the GABA pathway. 4 Things to optimize brain health.

1:24:00 – The types of insulin and their impact on insulin sensitivity., decreasing cortisol and training motivation the necessary chemical environment for enhancing

1:26:23 – Who should have carbs before a workout? The best type of carb to use that doesn’t spike insulin.

1:28:00 – 3 Supplements to use to decrease systemic inflammation.

1:30:30 – Ronnie Coleman and 5 surgeries, bone density and sodium bicarbonate

1:33:28 – No pre-workout in 5 years, the #1 supplement for stimulating GABA & Serotonin post-workout

1:35:40 – The worst thing about pre-workout supplements.

1:39:40 – Why cortisol makes you fat.