My bone to pick: B.S. Coaching

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My bone to pick: B.S. Coaching

My bone to pick: B.S. Coaching

I’ve got a little bone to pick with something that’s truly been irritating me for a while now. This can also apply to powerlifting but I’ve seen it mostly in the bodybuilding/fitness side of the industry.

I often see coaches climb the fitness/bikini show “fame ladder” very quickly, these people make a name for themselves very quickly due to their instant success with their athletes. They constantly post pictures of their athletes’ butts on their IG page and boast about how their approach is the best approach as if they have the magic formula for success.

These so-called coaches will have their clients sit in their office and ask them how bad they want to win and if they’re willing to do whatever it takes to get there. They will pressure them into taking cocktails of different PED’s and promise them the moon.

The client will often give in due to their lack of education on the subject but also because they blindly trust the coach since he/she has so much success with their athletes.

Although I’m not an advocate of them, I personally I have nothing against steroids. If you did your research, do your blood work consistently, if they’re taken responsibly and they’re allowed in whatever sport/federation you’re competing in, then go ahead!

But even then, ask every great coach out there, steroids should be your last card to play, you should have years of mastering training, nutrition, and supplements under your belt, you should have experience in overcoming obstacles naturally. If you really want to join the “dark side”, you should be able to manipulate all those components before thinking about taking them.

What pisses me off is when those so-called coaches take advantage of their influence on their clients for their own good and convince them to get on “the Saaawce” right off the bat. Surprisingly enough, months later those same clients end up with hormonal problems, damaged metabolisms, and other possible health problems… I’ve had clients of mine get coached by those types of people in the past and the things I hear sometimes are simply scary.

Anyone could prescribe drugs to clients and get instant results, and anyone could get their hands on them if they wanted to, just ask around in your own gym and I guarantee you it won’t be long before you find what you’re looking for.

The MOST important thing is your HEALTH! Not your muscles, not how good you look, not even how much you lift (some powerlifting friends of mine might disagree here). If you’re thinking about hiring a coach for either sports, make sure they have MANY years of experience, not only in bringing people on the stage or on the platform but helping them recover AFTER. Whether their athletes STAY with them after the competition and if they’re healthy should be a great indicator as to what kind of coach they are.

If your coach does not prioritize your health:

  1. You have no business trusting them with it.
  2. They have no business coaching clients.

I’m obviously a little biased towards the Thibarmy crew but there are MANY great coaches out there and if you don’t know where to look and if we can’t help you out ourselves shoot me a message, I’ll gladly point you in the right direction.    : )

– AB