Advanced Muscle Building, Strength & Performance – Luka Hocevar

Christian Thibaudeau

Co-founder of Thibarmy, Trainer


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Advanced Muscle Building, Strength & Performance – Luka Hocevar

Advanced Muscle Building, Strength & Performance With Christian Thibaudeau & John Rusin

What if there was a better way for you to get muscle building, strength and performance results while staying injury-free? What if there was a science that would allow you to stick with a workout consistently?

Christian Thibadeau and John Rusin, two of the world’s top strength, hypertrophy and performance coaches join me to talk about the big mistakes most people make when it comes to improving their physique, strength and performance – while staying pain-free.

Also, they share insight about training people with different personality types, and how those personal characteristics affect training, nutrition, recovery and compliance. This is some extremely insightful information that you most likely haven’t heard yet!

To cap it off, we dive deep into what it takes to be a great coach and some of the biggest traits that are currently lacking in the fitness industry.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

– How to assess personality types to determine what will help a client stick to their programs, get better results as well as feel better throughout the day

– The 2 things that every client must do to get results and how many people get this wrong because of ________

– The secret to getting people to stick to their training and nutrition program, and how you may be (unknowingly) getting it all wrong

– How to create the most effective warm up for different personality types to get them ready for their workout based on John Rusin’s ‘6-Step Warm Up Blueprint’ *Getting this wrong can make a client’s performance go down and make the session suck

– A new ways to assess your clients to determine what is going to work better for them in warm ups, training, nutrition and supplementation

– The secret to helping “hard gainers” put on muscle, and why most programs are making it harder for them

– Why you shouldn’t change exercises much for certain personality types and the step-by-step process to progress them, have them coming back and get them addicted to their training

– The astonishing reason that clients may be falling off your programs even when you put in all the time and effort to make them perfect on paper

– How I create programs based on personality types and my “meal” analogy *This may be the simplest way of viewing and creating programs

– How to create a program with a client to get them better results

– How eating carbs before and during a workout can really improve some individuals training sessions, while making others really sleepy – find out where you fit in

– Why going low carb can spell disaster for someone who is introverted, anxious and an over-thinker (I also go into why going low carb and having “cheat days” won’t work long-term for these people)

– The missing links in the fitness industry to becoming a master coach and why you should be dumber

– A list of the supplements to take for each personality type to improve their performance and make them feel better all day long

– And SO much more