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Training camp introduction

Body composition is a coaching term for gaining muscle while losing fat.

This is the objective Christian Thibaudeau had in mind when he developed his signature method to optimize body composition while training like an athlete.

Refined over the years with his clients, this method combines his expertise in strength training and performance enhancement with an approach aimed at improving body composition.

Because what is the use of being shredded and muscular if you only look the part but can’t perform accordingly? This a common experience. By expertly blending performance training with body composition techniques, this method offers a solution. As such, it has become one of the most sought-after in coach Thibaudeau’s arsenal.

For those of you who wish to go through this type of training, coach Thibaudeau and his team invite you to join them for a 12-week online training camp. It is specially designed for women and men who want all the benefits of a fit and muscular physique and the performances that go with it. Christian himself will be coaching you, joined by coaches Stéphane Aubé and Jessica Feeny.

All details needed for your success will be cover: dynamic and highly motivating workouts, fat loss nutrition, supplementation to support your fat loss, and increase your efforts.

You will also have access to our online community of like-minded individuals for moral support and guidance.

N.B. Please click on this button only if you want to be in the best shape of your life, stronger than ever and ready to sweat like never before


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Training camp overview

A training method like you’ve never experienced before.

This online training camp offers a unique way to improve your body composition under the guidance of coaches Christian Thibaudeau, Stéphane Aubé and Jessica Feeny

  • 12 weeks of training
  • 3 different training phases
  • A fully-planned progression
  • 3 days in the gym per week
  • 2 energy training sessions per week
  • 3 training for specific “money” zones (glutes, deltoids, abdominals) per week
  • Daily communication and online support


Buy this training camp

What does the training camp include?

  • 3 phases of 4 weeks each
  • A nutritional plan to optimize your body composition
  • Answer to all of your question via our Facebook group
  • Being a part of our community of like-minded and highly-motivated people
  • Your workout will be available on our new application


  • How long is the training camp?

    The training camp lasts 12 weeks and is divided into four 3-week phases.

  • Can the program be done in a home gym?

  • Is there any cheat day in the diet?

    No, the plan is a straight-up run to the final goal. Although there are some refeed days included.

  • What is the refund policy?

    This purchase is non-refundable.

  • Do I need to take supplements?

    You never need to take supplements, but they can help to optimize your health, well-being, and performance. With that in mind, we will provide you with some suggestions and will be able to provide more specific recommendations on the online training camp page.

  • What is the difference between online coaching and online training camp?

    While some minor modifications can be made to the program and nutrition plan, the online training camp is a relatively fixed program.  This is different from online coaching, which is 100% individualized and adaptable throughout via live chats and regular follow-ups.

  • Will the coaches interact with us every day?

    Yes, but we’re humans. We do visit the forum and answer questions every day, but it may sometimes take more time for us to answer a specific question. If we anticipate the delay to be more than a day for some reason (e.g. traveling to give a seminar), we will let you know in advance.

  • Where I can find the link for the Facebook group?