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Type 2A Fat Loss – how to structure different days?

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    Hi Christian,


    I just wanted to get a little clarification about how to approach the diet after getting the 2A Carb Cycling Diet. I’m a little confused on which category to use for figuring out what i’m supposed to do on diet. There are several recommendations based on what type of program you are training and what type of deficit/rules to use but in the program itself, you are also using different types of workout programs depending on the day.


    For example, Day 1 is Developmental Day which has a corresponding set of rules if you were to follow the diet for Developmental Workouts. Then Day 2 is Double Pump Day and there is a specific Lactic/Pump Guideline for that type of workout in the diet. Wednesday is an Off-Day and there is a guideline for what to do on Off-Days of training in the diet, etc. 

    So my question is do I do the Developmental Diet Rules for Day 1, Latic/Pump Diet Rules for Day 2’s workout and on Wednesday use the Off-Day Diet Rules and so on for each day of the week corresponding to the workout of that day? This is the confusing part because also in the notes, it says to follow a diet for the week, say the Developmental Workout Diet rules and use a BW x 10 as your base calories and if it doesn’t lead to at least 1-2 lbs of weight loss by the end of the week, then you would adjust your next week’s caloric intake by using BW x 9 to create an even bigger deficit to get results. That’s where i’m confused. If someone could explain this situation, I would be thoroughly pleased. Thank you for any light that can be shed on this issue.

    Looking forward to hopefully doing the 2A Diet,

    Lou Aquino

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