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    Your the only coach I can relate to I can see youve spent thousands of hours learning reading and trying just like me. But since youve got some years on me your a bit further. Anyhow your my favorite online fitness expert. So I almost aleways turn to you.

    I found out about built for bad and then about: the big five in your elimination circuits.

    I figure you found this to be the most bang for your buck of all time.

    I have two questions:

    1. how does it compare to built for bad ( which you gave #1 result wise).

    2. where’s the high pull? i can understand leaving out zercher squat as this exercise has to be really carefully implemented because it uses so many muscles to fullest extent but the high pull.. I mean it obv broadens your upper body making for a greater bench press and it greatly uses your traps and shoulders due to the upward motion. ain’t we gonna miss out?

    im really curious as to why you made your decisions, whats your best decision for someone wanting to go full mass and what let you to excluse this gem. im just as big a geek so a little brainstorming as to the #1 routine for me is worth my time in gold. also as i have found a strong correlation mass and strength for the natural (especially when you include some iso work) for me it would be a breakthrough and an honor to learn from and with you and I can start looking what my future fitness plans / goals will be.

    thanks for your time and for answerring my last question so detailed. hope you can find some time for this one.

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    I kinda lost my edit button, but:

    its kinda like big 5 vs built for bad vs …. (whatever wins).

    my goal is getting the best possible strength ( and thus mass ) and im not afraid investing 10+ years as ive read youve built built them to be effective long time.

    i would either want to be a strong powerlifter, stone lifter, arm wrestler, wrestler or iron bender i will see where my biggest strength lies. but before that i wanna first get the most possible out of my body and take it to utmost strength levels and see what I excell at when every part of my body is at its utmost strength potential.

    and theres no person better to ask for help then you i am sure.




    Also (last) why does it seem you minimize back exercises is that because you believe it gets hit sufficiently already? 

    because lets say i do something like this:

    A1. Barbell support / Back squat 

    A2. High pull

    A3. Hang snatch 

    A4. Static hold vanaf 15 10s. 

    A5. Bench press

    wouldnt it miss backwork and become “risky” as they always say you could be in danger and bench pressing will become dangerous.


    1. how does it compare to built for bad ( which you gave #1 result wise).


    Built for Bad was excessively intense. Most people crashed on it after 3 weeks. Which is why I then created Built for Battle.

    The elimination circuit worked better for people who are very competitive by nature… Built for Battle works better with those who love to plan and follow a certain structure.



    I do feel the need to thank you I have been searching for years for something that fits my needs and built for bad was at close as it gets. Playing that close to edge / humanly possible feels challenging / competitive enough for me because I guess 99 out of 100 people will break after a few weeks especially with a life. I am two weeks in but feel sure I can hang on. I have to admit, I feel absurd gains. And I’m no beginner aswell. I started this routine at 250 lbs at 6 ft 1. Yet I’m filling clothes more and more (XL size) only two weeks in. For that I want to thank you and I will probably stick to this routine for years although I will probably change some small things from time to time to avoid too much stalling.

    I had one more question. I rarely see you do any cardio I did hiit sprints for two months before built for bad. The problem was with stressful days / weeks it felt too much. So I feel like it’s ok as long as your not too stressed out about something (life happensim 27 starting a life so some stress and misery is impossible to avoid hehehe). whats your opinion on it?

    The main reason i started this is because you said built for bad got you the most muscular has anything passed it yet? It works wonders bu am curious as to what the last years have taught you. The high pulls are VERY good. The structurebis very good. If I may be free to ask, what would you change looking back? In other words how would your ideal muscle builder circuit look if you had a chance to rewrite it now? I am sorry for my many questions but I feel like an a bit younger you and feel very inspired by you you are truely an example.

    Thank you for sharing your hard earned experience with us very grateful.

    Thanks sir.




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