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Successful Exam!!

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    Just now, I have completed the final exam for the Neurological and Physical Typing Certificate and I am as happy as a 2B can get 😀 

    I would just like to take a moment and Thank You C.T for putting the time and energy into what I think is a real answer and solution for many people out there who are looking to make a change in their lives. And it goes beyond just simple training, by understanding that who you really are and why you react to certain things the way you do is I think a huge step towards a better you.

    So once again Thank You, Christian, not only for this program but for close to a hundred or two? – articles I read from you over the years and the books, it really shaped my life in a good way.


    And now to ruin the moment a bit, in the email I got for congratulation on the bottom of it it says “NOTE: You will receive your certificate of completion by mail within 15-20 business days

    Well, I live in Denmark and on under my account when I click on manage your shipping and billing address it just takes me to a “page not found” window.<br /><br />
    Should I wait for it to arrive by mail or should I just do it myself and print it out?


     Thank you 🙂

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