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    Hey guys, glad you found my forum. I’m here to help you out to the best of my knowledge/capacity. So feel free to ask you questions.

    However I’d like you to read these guidelines before asking your questions, thank you.

    1. I do not answer injury related questions. I *personally* feel that it is irresponsible to answer injuries questions without being able to see the person or having an actual diagnostic. I am not a physical therapist, doctor or chiropractor, please stick to training and nutrition related questions.

    2. Regarding the BRAVERMAN test Do not post your answers and ask for an evaluation please. FIRST I actually stopped using the Braverman test, I now use a different one. The Braverman too often gave contradicting info and the test I now use has more validity (I will talk about it in due time) SECOND evaluation is a service I provide to my clients. It would not be fair to give it for free to everybody if they are paying for it, I hope that you understand.

    3. Make you question short. I have very little free time. Especially with my seminar season starting. I simply don’t have time to read a wall of text, I will tend to skip those questions. If you have many questions to ask, make bulletpoints in your message, one for each specific question. If you need to provide me with personal info, write it in a short paragraph then ask you question(s) in bulletpoint format under the first paragraph.

    4. DO NOT BUMP YOUR OWN QUESTION. I find this to be extremely rude, like you are demanding that I answer you. As I said I’m super busy, I might miss a question once in a while. Of maybe I don’t have the answer or it’s not a question I wish to answer. Regardless, bumping it will risk put you on my bad side.

    Other than that, ask away!


    Garrett Delgado

    Hi Christian,

    Are the the exercises in block 1 meant to be supersets?



    Hi Christian,
    Will You be selling your Personal Neuro assessment that you use with your clients?
    It’s something I’m interested in purchasing and using with my own clients as well.



    Hi there Christian! Just have 1 question about The fastest way to get jacked,gonna try that out for the prescribed period! .The weight on whole body days, will it remain the same through the sets? Best Micael B



    sorry if this is stupid but are your programs general or more individualized



    Hi Christian,

    I just bought your power training program. I compete in sprint triathlons. I will start your program September 22. I was wondering during the 12 weeks program can i still do cardio? I was hoping i can bike once a week about 20 km, run 5 km and do two swimming workouts which is about 1700 meters distance per workout.

    Let me know. Frederic from your office suggested i would write to you.




    Do not have a Rowing machine where I work out at. Can you give me an alternative to use on the Energy Systems Work days? Thanks Coach your awesome!



    Good Afternoon Christian;
    I have bought both the Fat Loss / Body Composition and 3 weeks after the Maximum Muscle Mass. I am an experience lifter and understand that there are no short cuts when trying to put up new personal records and muscle besides TIME and REST. Being in the iron game over 21 years consistently no breaks I’ve realized for myself that the best bang for your buck while trying to get strong is systematically increase the work capacity through single set after ramping or warming neurologically. I have followed plenty of your previous training regimens from the Shoulder Specialization from your Thibs monthly subscription (one of my favorites) to theory of strength building and development to the black book and jekyl and hyde and get jacked. I have a slower thyroid which i am on medication for and wish to keep my test elevated and am aware the negative repercussions of soy in the body along with other preservatives. Having said that I will begin the Fat Loss & Body Composition program will resume or be restarted during Spring of 2018. I am currently following the MAX. MUSCLE MASS and am beginning to feel the induced strength affects. I am not a huge believer of auxiliary work on other days (negates recovery) nor do i believe in frequency when training the big three – Therefore I typically hit a very intense workout 2-3 x a week staggered in a conjugate training method such as Louie Simmons WestSide Barbbell method. The Conjugate is structured such a way that there is a 3 day gap typically until the next training bout. For example, Monday shoulder dominate rear delts, Wednesday Legs, Friday Press: I alternate exercises variations from week to week to induce maximum strength through various grip methods and angles but never to failure (as it’s 1 MAX WORKSET EVERY EFFORT; POST warmup). Having said this I will continue to follow your MAX. MUSCLE MASS once every week hitting a set group of muscles for managing recovery. Here’s my question below:

    — do I use the rep continuum to determine loading parameters based on my 1 RM?

    — as outlined 1×12 (easy) / 1×10 (average) / 1×8 (easy) / 1×8-10 (easy) / 1×8-10 *(failure) / 1×6 (mod.) / 1×5-6* (no failure) / etc. etc.; what RM is this a percentile of

    — does that mean ^
    12 reps (very easy) =50% of 1 RM;
    10 reps (easy) =56% of 1 RM;
    10 reps (light average) =63% of 1 RM;
    8 reps (average) =75% of 1 RM;
    6-8 reps (easy moderate) =77% of 1 RM;
    6 reps (moderate) =84% of 1 RM;
    5-6 reps (hard failure) =84% of 1 RM;
    — what are the RM’s for each Coach Christian? And what is your stance on staggering this regimen 1 Bout a week) with a Conjugate method (2 bouts a week)?
    — Being 34 and having been involved in gymnastics/martial arts/Olympic weightlifting/Now Power Lifting and a training age of 22 years would such an intervention be a contraindication?



    Hi Thib

    This is regarding your latest video on cardio training

    let’s say I am doing fasted cardio in my routine.How will I know that the body is now efficient in mobilising fat?

    Also, I have seen many athletes and coaches doing interval finishers at the end of a weight training session. How do they manage to maintain muscle?




    Upper Back deadlift is it the same as a rack pull just instead of pulling from the pins, once the bar has been lifted you lift all reps from the hang position?



    Hi! Just started the Powerbuilding program, looks very good so far, but I have a few questions regarding rest periods

    For the supersets on day 1 forexample it says A1 Backsquat 5 x 8 – 90 sec pause, then A2 GHR 5 x 8 – 120 sec pause.

    Should I then do 8 reps on back squat, rest 90 sec, then do 8 reps on GHR, then rest 120 sec before next round of back squats?

    Reason for asking is that I´m used to do A1, then imediately do A2 then rest.

    For the effort/RPE What should I shoot for on the last of these 5 sets for example, an RPE 9/10, or sholud it be “easier” in the accumulation fase.

    Keep up the good work, love the blog an all the Instagram posts!



    hi christian

    i just bought the neuro assesments . i love very much.
    i have a question . is the asking question test valuable for woman ?

    except the «Did you get into fights when you were younger (or evennow) » ? lol
    best regards


    mohammed naboulsi

    Hey there Coach!


    I’m a neurotype 1a and I wanted to give your conjugate bodybuilding program a try but noticed it was for type 2a and type 1b. Do you think the program will work for me or should I instead buy your type 1a training program instead?



    I want to know my neuro type,  Is it possible with a online meeting or should it be face to face ? thanks 

    Je voudrais connaitre mon type neurologique, c’est possible directement ”online” avec vous ou c’est mieux de se rencontrer en personne ? merci





    Bonjour Christian, 

    Je crois etre un type 3 et ma question est la suivante.. Je prends du ritalin pour un déficit d’attentions sans hyperactivité. Ce pourrait-il que mon type soit modifié par cette drogue puisque celle-ci agit au niveau de mes Neuro et j’ai remarqué une plus grande concentration/facilité que lorsque je suis en congé thérapeutique de ritalin? 

    Ma deuxième question : Est-ce que le neuro type change avec le temps et est-ce que l’expression des genes peut influencer le type neuronal  et par defaut changer notre type? 

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