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Nature or Nurture: A Question of Neurotype

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    Hello all,


    I am writing because I need help. I have taken the neurotype test twice. Both times I scored

    98 pts – 1A

    128 pts – 1B

    4 pts – 2A

    30 pts – 2B

    140 pts – 3

    not sure what type of program I should be following. 


    Background info: I played football at Ohio State University, had the fastest 20-yard shuttle time in the nation (EDIT: for the fullback position) and suffered a career ending injury during my college years. 

    I am a perfectionist and very detail oriented, but am also assertive and confident toward people. 

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    • This topic was modified 1 week, 2 days ago by  aramolson.


    I actually have similar results.  Personally I train like a type 3 except I use a good bit of variety.  


    Stéphane Aubé

    I see 2 things in this test, a type 3 with high acetylcholine or a type 1B with very low serotonin. Question – is your injury due to a concussion/shell shock?? This could explain the low serotonin score.



    I only had a small concussion. The injury was a stress fracture in my foot that wouldn’t heal (due to AVN). 


    I have always liked routine, my whole life. Football gave me anxiety, but I played it anyway because it was intrinsically motivating. 


    I have always been an extrovert who needs introverted “downtime” to recover between interactions with people. (Reading, playing calm video games, playing guitar, composing music). 


    (Edit: for additional info) I was always the rebellious child, in school as well as in my home. We were all homeschooled, had very strict parents, and weren’t allowed to play with other children. 


    Does this help?

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    The forum will not let me edit my post, further.

    More info to help: 


    I have never been a trash-talker in sports.  In fact, I become quiet during games.  However, adrenaline somehow calms me down. I also like quietly become the best at something (I broke our high school’s squat and power clean record, for example).  When people commented on my strength, I would often say things like “Thanks, but I’d rather be squatting 100-lbs. more than this,” or “Just wait until a year from now, I’ll be way stronger!”


    I was the first-born in my family, and was punished more severely by my parents (compared to my siblings).  Still, I sought out conflict almost daily. It was almost as if I lived to be “in trouble.” 


    When I turned 30 years old, I decided to learn how to do a backflip. I succeeded (with a spotter) on my 2nd attempt. 


    Again, lots of info, but I hope this helps narrow down what’s “going on with me.” 

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