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Layer System Review

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    Height: 6’3

    Weight: 235lbs

    Neurotype: Dopamine Dominant

    Workout: Upper/Lower 2x

    Duration: 6 Weeks

    Day One

    Bench Press 

    Ramp 1-3RM (3,3,2,2,1,1)

    Single Clusters 3-5

    Tempo Reps 3×6 4101

    Volume Dropset

    Tricep Pullover Ext./Reverse Curl 4×7-8 (Hepburn)

    Day Two

    High Bar Squat

    Ramp 1-3

    Single Clusters

    Pin Squats 3×3

    5/4/3/2/1 or 10/8/6

    Lat/Upper Back Hepburn style

    Day Three

    Larsen Press

    Ramp 1-3

    Double Clusters

    Volume Dropset

    Chest Work Hepburn style

    Day Four

    High Bar Squat


    Light Deadlift Work


    Lat/Upper Back Work


    Bench Press 350×1–>390×1

    Larsen Press 315×2–> 365×1

    High Bar Squat 405×1–> 495×1



    Works extremely well. Never felt burned out or bored. Every week the weights increased. I can not recommend enough that you take care of your tendons as they will get beat up with the rapid increase in strength. 

    Looking Forward: 

    I will run the layer system again, after a deload, for 5 Weeks focusing again on the Bench Press and now Low Bar Squat. Modifications will be made to offset accommodation. I will post the results again.





    Final Review Update

    The same program was ran as posted up above with the replacement of High Bar Squats and Larsen Press with Low Bar Squat and Floor Press. 

    Bodyweight 235–>237

    Measurements Cold

    Chest 45–>47

    Arms 17–>17.5

    Forearms 15–>15.25

    Waist 36–>36

    Legs 28–>29

    Calves 17–>17.25

    Max Lifts after Deload

    Low Bar Squat 525×1 

    Pause Bench Press 395×1 Failed 405×1

    Conventional Deadlift 545×1


    The program was run for 16 weeks and, looking back, that was a mistake. After 8 weeks, the effectiveness of the program declined despite changes in exercises and parameters. 90%+ of strength gains were made in the first half and very little strength was gained in the last half. Nagging pains in the wrist and elbows began to arise, nothing serious, but could have been avoided. 


    If you want to build strength very rapidly, run the layer system for 4-8 weeks. (erring on the lower end) Past that point, the law of diminishing returns quickly sets in and risk of injury becomes too high to justify the reward.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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