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How do steroids impact neurotype?

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    Hi CT,

    Been going through the neurotyping stuff for a few months now and using it to help in the coaching process. It’s fantastic stuff and has helped me to understand why certain programming recommendations fry one person, allow another to thrive and increase injury risk for another.

    I see myself as a 2A. I love training daily, have a serious hankering for sugar (luckily I have a fast metabolism), always looking to get a self esteem boost, need to practice lots to get proficient/confident, although I train with lots of exercise variation within a week. I’m also relatively explosive (when I hit PBs I either get them with pace or I don’t  – rarely grind something out) and whilst I can do pump work I definately prefer more explosive movements (unless dieting down).

    I do have some questions though:

    Main one is, how do steroids impact neurotype? I’ve never used them myself but I’ve had a read about how they impact neurotransmitters. Testosterone has been found to boost dopamine which explains why I notice alot of 1As and 1Bs use? Obviously type 2s use aswell but it seems mainly for the self esteem of improved results rather than for the dopamine fix? Type 3s… Yeah. Any ideas how steroids will impact recovery neurologically? Also most bodybuilders I notice are 2Bs, some 2As and less so type 1s. Does this theoretically tie together?

    You mention high Acetylcholine helps with multitasking, being explosive and impulsive. 1Bs have high acetylcholine as standard from my understanding whilst 2As may be low or high? I’m terrible at multitasking (if someone speaks to me whilst I’m doing a task I almost don’t hear them). Not very impulsive at all. Yet I’m pretty explosive and prefer high velocities?

    I would say I have high gaba and serotonin. I’m pretty chilled, fall asleep easy and don’t get stressed out often. I find it pretty easy to recover from training as long as I listen to my body, rotate training appropriately (I have done upper/lower 3x per week, plus 1 day conditioning, LISS cardio 3x) and don’t do many training sets if any over 93% 1RM. The only time this has changed is when I did a men’s physique competition and I felt more like a 2B and also if I ever try doing low carb or keto (I get hangry). You have mentioned that 2As can do well with lower carbs but I find I probably thrive when carbs 45-50%/protein 20%/30-35% fat. Is my serotonin just well regulated by my consumption of carbs?

    Only a sith deals in absolutes 😂, so I assume when identifying neurotype it’s important to look at the big picture rather than focus on things that don’t match perfect?

    If you get through this wall, thanks in advance.




    Good question!

    Some steroids effect neurotransmitters and receptor sensitivity. Testosterone could increase dopamine, so does dianabol. Equipoise decreases GABA (which is why it makes some people anxious) and generally speaking, steroids increase adrenaline sensitivity. Testosterone can also increase the neurotoxicity of glutamate (2Bs have the highest level of glutamate) which could lead to bi-polar traits.

    So steroids can indeed impact neurotype. I’m leaving to give a seminar in a few minutes, I’ll get back to your question later if you don’t mind



    Thanks, I look forward to your response

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    Yo CT, wondered if you could weigh in on this. Been reading more and still interested in your insight


    Wight in on what? I’m super busy, walls for text turn me off. Can you post a simple, to the point question

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