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3 almost identical scores on Neurotyping test

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    <span style=”color: #26282a; font-family: ‘Helvetica Neue’, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 13px;”>I have to say I thought I answered these questions very accurately but reading all the articles and descriptions of each category 2B sounds nothing like me. I was 1B is 126, 2A 119 and 2B 146.  In training I love variety but find myself sticking to explosive movements like Olympic lifts and Medball throws. I do some slow training but its more KB Turkish Get Ups and KB Mobility.  I love the Snatch hate Curls, Bench press and Pump work.  I also get destroyed with too much volume.  I prefer about 45 min workouts with a bit of everything in there as long as I have mostly athletic movements as the focus.  Sports I love are Tennis, Volleyball and Football and Action Sports.  As far as diet I love to do Intermittent Fasting with 2 big meals that fill me up but even though I can eat the same thing I have to change it up every few days.  I can fast for 14-16 hours no problem but then its go time as far as how much I can eat.  I definitely get super hungry in those feeding windows.  I usually feel sluggish if I have a big breakfast.  Socially I fall exactly into the “what is the situation and who am I around” scenarios.  I also have a very overactive mind and a very quick temper.   I’m asking because I’m looking at the diet and workout programs and the ones that sound like what I want are still the 1B and 2A but according to this it looks like I’m mostly 2B.   I know i won’t mess anything up picking one of the 3 but I just want to optimize my diet mostly but also training.  Should I stick with the 2A programs?  Sorry I sent 2 separate emails in response to this before I remembered about the forum.  </span>

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