Neurotyping seminar

The best and most complete seminar available by Christian Thibaudeau.


Seminar introduction

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein

The Neurotyping Seminar is a course offered for coaches and professionals who design and implement strength training programs. Though hormonal optimization has been a successful approach for training individualization, neural optimization supersedes it given that the neural response will affect the hormonal response, while the opposite is not true. The bottom line is simple: you are more likely to train hard, be focused and stay motivated if you like the type of training you are doing, and training that goes against your nature causes a greater stress response that hinders optimal progression.

This is essentially the founding principle and inspiration behind the concept of neurological profiling for training individualization which leads Christian Thibaudeau to the creation of the Neurotyping System.


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Seminar overview

This seminar will provide you with the know-how to assess the neurological type and apply the system to specific goals for short and long-term programming.

The Neurotyping Seminar Is divided in to 2 days:

  • The role and impact of each of the main neurotransmitters on client results
  • How to evaluate each neurotype profile through a personality assessment, body language, and physical test
  • How to adjust training volume, frequency, intensity, variation, exercises selection and training methods based on client neurological dominance
  • Advanced supplementation and nutrition strategies to fix problematic neurotransmitter tendencies
  • How to optimize everything to maximize your client result or yourself


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What does the seminar include?

  • Each participant receives a handout with the full content of the seminar
  • Each participant is granted one license to pass the online Neurotyping test for free
  • Each participant receives a special promo code applies to all programs on
  • For the seminar host: promotional package (videos, pictures, social media support and more) will be sent out by Thibarmy to help promote the event