by Christian Thibaudeau


Seminar introduction

The Hypertrophy seminar is based on the cutting-edge methodologies of hypertrophy program design by world leading strength coach, athlete and human performance expert over the last 20 years, Christian Thibaudeau.

You will have the chance to learn the different pathways to stimulate muscle growth as well as how to program to optimize these pathways and for whom each pathway is more effective.

You will also learn program design for strength and performance, what are the best methods, training structures and progression models to maximize strength in various types of clients to enhance hypertrophy for both sports and bodybuilding.

Finally, you will learn athletic training programming, the best ways to increase speed, power and work capacity for athletic performance.

If muscle growth is a topic that interests you, this seminar is the most complete course on hypertrophy for bodybuilding and sports performance on the market today!



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Seminar overview

The Hypertrophy Seminar is offered for coaches and professionals who design and implement strength training programs.

This Seminar Is divided into 2 days:

  • The science of hypertrophy and how to apply it to maximize results for the different neurotype and forms of hypertrophy
  • How to design hypertrophy programs
  • How to use hypertrophy principles to maximize fat loss with all client types
  • The science of developing maximal strength training quality for your client goals
  • How to maximize strength in all the key lifts and a variety of other lifts used for testing structural balance
  • How to correct weaknesses, lagging muscle groups and sticking points to maximize physique symmetry aesthetically, along with the functional hypertrophy for performance
  • How to create training programs for beginner level, all the way to Olympic and professional level athletes.


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What does the seminar include?

  • Each participant receives a handout with the full content of the seminar
  • Each participant is granted one license to pass the online Neurotyping test for free
  • Each participant receives a special promo code applies to all programs on thibarmy.com
  • For the seminar host: promotional package (videos, pictures, social media support and more) will be sent out by Thibarmy to help promote the event