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Program introduction

This plan is the sister of the MEN PHYSIQUE TRANSFORMATION program.

One thing we know is this, women usually need more variety, and are way less lazy than men in the gym. They typically require less recovery time due to a different hormonal environment than men.

However, the program uses more variety and less recovery time between exercises than its male counterpart. It combines the OCTS; adapted to muscle growth, targeted hypertrophy work, metabolic conditioning, and an energy systems work (steady-state cardio and intervals) schedule.

Overall, this Program combines muscle work and energy systems to work perfectly to help you get the body you want.


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Program overview

The industry of female physique transformation is probably the biggest fallacy ever. The focus is put on ‘’no money exercises’’ and cardio as a priority, but what about the performance aspect of working out?!  Poor or non-existent.

We at Thibarmy cannot tolerate this lie for any longer and decided to put our thoughts into words with our new Female Physique Transformation program.

Stop being confused about what to do, take this plan as your new holy grail of fitness and get ready to look at your new fitter, sexier, but also stronger and faster body.


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What does the program include?

  • A complete 12-week program divided into 4 phases of 3 weeks
  • Explanations of the methods used on certain exercises
  • An RPE chart to help gauge your level of effort
  • 5 PDF


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  • What is the refund policy?

    This purchase is non-refundable

  • Does this program include a diet plan?

    No, this program only includes your workout.

    Although to get the best results, you should get your diet in check. A good option is to look at our nutrition section, we have nutrition plans based on your neurotype.

    You can also contact us to be followed by our coaches for some more specific nutrition.

  • I have never done Olympic lifts, can I do this program?

    Yes, no Olympic lifts are prescribed in this program. If you know how to squat, bench, deadlift, and some rowing, you know most of the meat and potatoes of the program.

  • How long is the program?

    12 weeks

  • I train in a home gym, can I do this program?

    Do you have enough equipment to be able to do: back squats, incline bench press, lying leg curl, rope face pull, Db lateral raise, Romanian deadlift, pull-ups, preacher curls, lat pulldown and more?

    If the answer is yes… then you have a decent home gym mate.

    If not, we always suggest having a commercial gym subscription to be sure you have enough equipment available