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Program introduction


This is our first online training camp that uses the Neurotyping system I developed. This system allows us to make the best choices when it comes to training, nutrition, and supplementation. As such the training program included in the training camp is adaptable to your type. While the “skeleton” of the program is the same for everybody, the assistance work changes depending on your type. Same thing with the nutrition plan, which will be different depending on your own brain chemistry.

This training camp is designed to get you in the best possible shape this summer. And by adapting the program to what your brain “wants/needs”, it will be much easier to stay motivated when the going gets tough in your quest to look your best for the summer.

Of course, Stephane Aubé and I will be there with you all along the way to answer your questions and support you in the process.

This is a brand-new experience, be part of it!


1- Enroll yourself in the new online neurotype training camp

2- Pass the online Neurotyping test. You’ll be asked “If you have a trainer or need your results to be sent to your trainer “, select YES and send them to [email protected]

3- It will take 48H to get your specific diet according to your neurotype directly in your account

4- Don’t forget to request your access to “Sprint to Summer” Facebook group HERE

5- Also, you will receive your program ONE WEEK before the beginning of the training camp.

Our training camp will start on April 15th, 2019.

*Please take note that if you already bought your Neurotyping fat loss diet we will issue you a 20% refund after validation of your purchase because this is the diet we will use in this training camp.  

Don’t forget to watch our social channel for updates on new dates.


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Program overview

There is no other program that can be compared to this one.  Imagine this: An all-in-one program that is individualizable for your own neurotype, working all along under the guidance of Coach Thibaudeau and Aubé.

  • 12-week training program
  • 5 lifting sessions per week
  • Each workout includes a specific sets & reps scheme for each neurotype
  • 4 different 3-week phases alternating accumulation and intensification


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What does the program include?

  • Your 12-week detailed plan
  • 1 neurotype test
  • Unexpected challenges to test your mettle
  • Complete online support via private Facebook group
  • A contest with prizes
  • Our ultimate Neurotyping diet to fit your workout
    (please take note, if you already bought your fat loss neurotype diet on our website we will issue you a 20% refund on your training camp)


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  • How long is the training camp?

    The training camp lasts 12 weeks and is divided into four 3-week phases.

  • What is the main goal of the online training camp?

    The goal is not only to get you in the best shape possible in 12 weeks but also to experiment the best workout for your Neurotype, helping you to achieve unparalleled performances in your training. Chris and Steph will be there all along to answer your questions and help you improve your diet and workout. The fact that the program will be adaptable to every neurotype makes it suitable for almost anybody who has some experience lifting weights. But you have to be ready to commit to 12 weeks of continuous effort.  Even with the best programming, results are only achieved with constant effort and discipline.

  • How many sessions per week are there in the program?

    Each week contains 5 training sessions.

  • Can the program be done in a home gym?

    Most of the work is done via barbells and dumbbells, but it also contains some exercises that require specific equipment and machines. However, everything can be modified and exercises can be switched if needed.

  • Are there any ‘technical requirements” to be able to do the program?

    I decided not to include Olympic lift variations because not everybody has experience with them.  However, I certainly can advise you on how to modify the program to include them. To do this program, you should have good technique and some experience on the squat, bench press and deadlift. These are the most complex lifts in the program.

  • Is the program effective for women?

    This programming will be effective for women who have a decent amount of serious training experience and are familiar with the big basic lifts. However, women might want to make some changes to the exercise selection, for example replacing the bench press with an overhead press. Besides that, it is perfectly suited for women.

  • Do I need to take supplements?

    You never need to take supplements, but they can help to optimize your health, well-being, and performance. With that in mind, we will provide you with some suggestions and will be able to provide more specific recommendations on the online training camp forum.

  • Will the coaches interact with us every day?

    Yes, but we’re humans. We do visit the forum and answer questions every day, but it may sometimes take more time for us to answer a specific question. If we anticipate the delay to be more than a day for some reason (e.g. traveling to give a seminar), we will let you know in advance.

  • What is the difference between online coaching and online training camp?

    While some minor modifications can be made to the program and nutrition plan, the online Bootcamp is a relatively fixed program.  This is different from online coaching, which is 100% individualized and adaptable throughout via live chats and regular follow-ups.

  • What is the refund policy?

    This purchase is non-refundable.


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