Program introduction

Hypertrophy programs are a pretty common thing. They’re easy to find on the internet, and most people think that doing 5 sets of 10 reps makes the cut. But what about hypertrophy in the long run, when your body has adapted to those simple work methods? There comes a time when you need a real strategy to bring your body to the next level by forcing hypertrophy. You need to subject your muscles to new methods and new kinds of stimulation, and you need to challenge your muscles constantly to get continuous hypertrophy. The Pure Muscle Mass Blueprint is the strategy you need to bring your game to the next level. This is not your standard free hypertrophy program, but a well-formulated protocol to induce the challenge your muscles need to grow in the long run. Feed the machine with this program and look at yourself 12 weeks later. Chances are you’ll never go back to the standard 5 x 10 protocol. 

This program is the key to unlock new gains!



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Program overview

This program is a 12-weeks of high-volume workout divided into 3 phases of 4 weeks. Each phase introduces different methods of work to challenge your muscles. What’s interesting is also the split that changes at each phase. The first phase is a 6-day per week program, with a push/pull/leg split. The first 3 workouts are high volume and intensity, while the last 3 are less CNS demanding and less volume.

The second phase is chest/back, legs and delts/arms split with 6 different workouts.  The last phase is an upper/lower split for 4 days a week. The last phase is a little more demanding per workout, so the frequency is lower.

Overall, this is the largest program available on Thibarmy in terms of volume of work.

  • Overall, this is the largest program available on Thibarmy in terms of volume of work.


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What does the program include?

  • A complete 12-week program divided into 3 phases of 4 weeks
  • Directions and mandatory notes on exercise execution
  • Explanatory videos on our Youtube channel


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  • I train in a home gym, can I do this program?

    It can be difficult because the program uses some machines and cables for isolation movements. We suggest you subscribe to a commercial gym.

  • Can this program be done by women?

    Of course, although it includes more chest and upper body work than what we usually suggest for women. If you are shooting for a more massive physique, this is well suited for women too. While if you are looking for a more female aesthetic, look for the Female Physique Transformation Program.

  • Can I add abdominal work to this program?¸

    You can, but this program is already high in volume.  We suggest you assess your recovery before adding any volume to it.

  • How long is the program?

    The program is 12 weeks long.

  • Does it include a nutrition plan?

    No, there is no nutrition plan included.