Program introduction

The difference between someone who trains and someone who trains really hard is mainly the development of the lower body. Working out legs separates those who are determined by the rest of the crowd. It is no secret that a good leg workout will put anyone to the test, body, and mind.

Now, despite your best efforts, your legs may not be responding accordingly. There are many reasons for this; it might be because of your mechanical leverage, or your genetics. Or maybe you started paying attention to leg development later in your life.

Whatever the reason, this plan has the answers you need to fix those issues and grow tree-trunk legs. It will adapt to your current training without hindering your progress in other areas and will add piles of lean mass on your lower body. No more excuses to skip leg day now!


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Program overview

This is not a program but rather supplemental work that you can add to any Thibarmy programs. With this add-on, you get a periodization over 4 weeks.

You will have the choice between including a full day of muscle specialization for the lower body or adding more work for a specific portion of the legs at the end of your workouts.

For the latter, you simply choose between the 2 options: emphasis on the quadriceps or emphasis on the hamstrings.

  • A periodization for over 4 weeks
  • This plan is designed as an add-on to any program you do


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What does the program include?

  • A complete periodization of 4 weeks
  • A list of alternative exercises to choose from before training
  • Explanations of the methods used on certain exercises


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  • Can I train in a home gym?

    Yes, the list of alternative exercises makes training possible in most settings.

  • Can this program be done by women?

    Certainly! This program applies to anyone who wants to sculpt their physique

  • Can I only use this specialization program?

    No, because it is a workout supplement. You must first have one of the available Thibarmy programs. You can then add this supplemental work to the program.

  • How long is the program?

    4 weeks

  • What is the refund policy?

    This purchase is non-refundable