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Program introduction


This second Bootcamp is pure old-school Thib! This Bootcamp will be designed according to the way I train high-level athletes but with a bodybuilding twist. This makes it very interesting because you can use it to get leaner, stronger, more muscular, or to improve performance.

The program lasts 12 weeks and includes 4 different phases. The lifting in the first two phases is heavily slanted towards improving performance and strength. It uses a high frequency of training for each muscle group/movement pattern (3x per week) and targets the three main types of contractions (isometric, concentric, eccentric) each on their own day. The energy systems work is lower in intensity and a little longer in duration, mostly to reprogram your body to be efficient at utilizing fat for fuel. It also gets you in better cardiovascular shape to be able to do the harder conditioning with more intensity in the last two phases.

The third phase is 25% strength, 25% explosiveness/performance and 50% bodybuilding work. The conditioning work becomes more intense but of shorter duration to maximize fat loss. The fourth phase is mostly to peak body composition. We will still maintain strength and performance by training that way once a week but more of the sessions are focused on maximizing fat loss. This also applies to the conditioning work which will be the most demanding of the program.

The diet will be unconventional. We actually start with a lower carbs approach and increase carbs gradually (while decreasing calories if necessary) from phase to phase. This does two things: first in the first two phases, you program your body to use fat for fuel and then you add carbs to better handle the high-intensity work and keep your metabolic rate elevated for the duration of the bootcamp, maximizing fat loss.

Of course, Stephane Aubé and I will be there with you all along the way to answer your questions and support you in the process.

Our Bootcamp will start on JANUARY 14th 2019.

Watch our social channel for updates on new dates.

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Program overview

This program is about one thing: 12 weeks you, and your group could be working with Coaches Thibaudeau and Aubé towards a specific goal.

  • 12 weeks training program
  • 4 lifting sessions per week, 1-3 optimal additional energy systems sessions
  • The lifting workouts often include energy systems/cardio work (if your goal is only to build muscle or improve performance, you don’t have to do them)
  • High-frequency approach with every muscle/movement pattern being trained 3x/week using different approaches and contraction types
  • 4-phase diet adapted to the training


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What does the program include?

  • Your 12-week detailed plan
  • Complete online support via private Facebook group
  • An adjustable diet
  • Unexpected challenges to test your mettle


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  • How long is the bootcamp?

    The bootcamp lasts 12 weeks and is divided into four 3-week phases.

  • What is the main goal of the bootcamp?

    Our bootcamps are focused on getting you in the best shape possible over 10-12 weeks. For most, this means losing a maximum amount of fat while preserving or gaining muscle. For some, it might mean gaining as much muscle as possible.  Stephane and I are there to adapt the diet according to your goals. This particular bootcamp is special though because it relies heavily on high performance and strength methods to achieve an aesthetic goal. This will allow you to get stronger and be a better athlete while also looking better. If you want to look and feel like an elite athlete, this is the bootcamp for you.

  • How many sessions per week are there in the program?

    In the previous bootcamp, there were 5 lifting workouts.  However, many people asked us to adapt it for 4 sessions per week. For “normal” adult humans, this seems to be the most common and practical training frequency. So, this bootcamp uses 4 lifting sessions per week but with the option of adding cardio and abs work on the off days.

  • Can the program be done in a home gym?

    It is probably best done in a commercial gym as it requires a few machines, but it can easily be adapted for a home gym. Over the whole 12 weeks of training, there are only 4 exercises that require either a pulley apparatus or a specific machine. 90% of the work can easily be done in a home gym that has a power rack, a barbell, dumbbells, a chin-up bar and maybe some bands.

  • Are there any ‘technical requirements” to be able to do the program?

    I decided not to include Olympic lift variations because not everybody has experience with them.  However, I certainly can advise you on how to modify the program to include them. To do this program, you should have good technique and some experience on the squat, bench press and deadlift. These are the most complex lifts in the program.

  • Is the program effective for women?

    The programing will be effective for women who have a decent amount of serious training experience and are familiar with the big basic lifts. However, women might want to make some changes to the exercise selection, for example replacing the bench press with an overhead press. Besides that, it is perfectly suited for women.

  • Do I need to take supplements?

    You never need to take supplements, but they can help to optimize your health, well-being, and performance. With that in mind, we will provide you with some suggestions and will be able to provide more specific recommendations on the bootcamp forum.

  • Will the coaches interact with us every day?

    Yes, but we’re humans. We do visit the forum and answer questions every day, but it may sometimes take more time for us to answer a specific question. If we anticipate the delay to be more than a day for some reason (e.g. traveling to give a seminar), we will let you know in advance.

  • What is the difference between online coaching and online Bootcamp?

    While some minor modifications can be made to the program and nutrition plan, the online Bootcamp is a relatively fixed program.  This is different from the online coaching, which is 100% individualized and adaptable throughout via live chats and regular follow-ups.

  • What is the refund policy?

    This purchase is non-refundable