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Ready to enhance your training and performance like never before? Take advantage of our bundled discount offer to move and feel like you never thought you could!

For a limited time, we decided to offer you a collection of 6 older programs that Christian made and are awesome. Enough workout to change every time you want and keep training all year long.

The ultimate collection edition is:

The Fat Loss Program

The High-Frequency Bodybuilding Program

The Power Building Program (PBT)

The Maximum Muscle Mass Program

The Conjugate Bodybuilding Program

The High-Performance Fat Loss Program

What's included

  • 6 programs

    Enough to sustain for a year!

  • A Periodization designed by Christian Thibaudeau and will lead to continual plateau-free results.

    You can always have access to our Facebook page to ask questions or Youtube channel for exercises videos

  • One diet plan and supplementation

    With the Power Building Program, you get a nutrition and supplementation plan designed to enhance the results of your existing workouts. It acts as your Pre/Intra/Post workout nutrition and supplement guides.

  • You will have the choice to get leaner, stronger and bigger.

    With those programs, you will reprogram your body and be able to improve your body composition.

Train stronger and work out better.

This collection combines the best elements of training for maximum muscle growth, building strength, fat loss, and achievement.

Note: this is for serious fitness enthusiasts only. If you are ready for extreme workouts this bundle is perfect for you.

This bundle comes with multiple programs so you will continue to see plateau-free results. By purchasing this ultimate collection edition you will also get HUGE savings.