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Thibarmy presents you with the Inner Circle. A special group hosted on Discord.
This is the thibARMY training community created to give it’s members an environment in which to thrive and improve themselves
Learn from the best with MORE high level content including exclusive Youtube videos, webinars, books and more
Be a part of the community where you can meet like minded people and have direct access to Chris and the Thibarmy coaches to ask them your questions and have your lifts critiqued!
Exclusive LIVE Q & A with Chris and the coaching crew AND discounts

What's included

  • Exclusive new content every week

  • Exclusive live Q&A with Coach Chris and our coaching crew

  • No contract, no duration, cancel whenever you want

  • Get exclusive discounts on our products!

  • Exclusive acccess to Coach Chris's, Coach Toms and Coach Naomi's Training journals

  • Exclusive Discord community for trouble shooting, training talk, sharing your PRs, etc..

  • Much more!

Instant Bonuses when you sign up:

Instantly on sign up receive:
  • 1 Free Ebook
  • 1 Free Webinar replay
  • 1 Neurotyping license