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Physique transformations are probably the most popular topic in the fitness industry. The incredible amount of myths and misconceptions that are circulating on the web and in the gyms make most people wonder if their training program is taking them somewhere. The reality is this: 3 times out of 4, people come to us for a physique transformation when they have already tried one or more other methods without success.

At Thibarmy, we do not like to leave the confusion on the table and we decided to put our brains and our years of experience to work and create a program that will produce the most remarkable results, but with the simplest of approaches.

Multi-joint exercise, energy system work, specific contraction type and progression of volume and strength. This program will not only make you fitter and sexier, but also stronger and faster.

We don’t want to lie to you, but your diet as co-pilot of this program and your body will never be the same again!