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World-class programming at the lowest cost possible

Coach Thibs personally designed a semi-personalized progressive training system to allow you to be able to train just like his elite clients at a fraction of the cost.

To do so, Coach Thibs has built several training plans that all include a systematic progression in loading and training methods from month to month to help you reach any goal you might have.

When you decide to work with us, you will be assigned the plan that better fits your goal(s) and capacities and a starting difficulty level based on your experience. And from month to month, you’ll follow a systematic progression to get you toward your goal without stagnation.

And last but not least, you’ll have access to ask for small modifications/variations if you need to make adjustments to the plan or need some explanations about the methods.

What are you waiting for?

What's included

  • The online coaching includes an initial assessment through a detailed questionnaire which will provide all the information required to set up a plan suited to your needs

  • Access to your workout from anywhere with our new Thibarmy app (for Android or Apple user)

  • Access to complete exercise demonstration videos to make you understand the exercises we are prescribing you

Despite the distance between us, rest assured that our approach is premised on a framework of regular communication and time-honored audits of your progress and performance.

This service includes training programs adapted to your goal picked among close to 100 programs created by Coach Thibaudeau. The training progresses monthly for as long as you stay enrolled.