Plan your growth phase with this high carbs muscle gain diet plan.

Not only will this diet help you grow and gain strength, but it will also help your digestion, improve your sleep and recovery, and keep your muscle glycogen stores full. This diet also focuses on lowering cortisol and uses low FODMAP food.

Plan your mass gaining phase with this diet and level up!

What's included

  • The diet includes a complete supplements protocol exclusively made to optimize neurotransmitters for the Type 3

  • Guidelines on how to set macros, progression and adjustments week by week

  • A list of recommended aliments

Take control

When Type 3 wants to add muscle mass, you need to create a baseline of work where internal health is optimized and where cortisol is modulated as much as possible. This plan not only takes all the variables necessary for Type 3 to improve, but it also provides a strategy and supplement guidelines to get them to another level. They need precision and understanding to be able to feel comfortable. This is what this nutrition plan is all about.

The plan includes key strategies to progress weekly, plan supplements daily, and improve gut health, one of the key points Type 3 needs to work on.