Type 1A are all about intensity, challenge and are very numbers-driven, the kind of people who play to win. For them, every workout is a challenge and they must feel they are improving to stay motivated. Keeping this in mind, we get a fair idea of the way they need to approach a fat loss diet. Neurologically, they are not made for the slow and steady approach. Type 1A are usually impatient. Instead, jump right into the calorie deficit and make sure they feel improvement, the sooner the better!

One method I like to use is a Blast & Cruise approach. Three weeks of calorie deficit with very high proteins and low carbs approach, alternated with 1 week of maintenance dieting to recover.

The plan also includes a precise guide to supplementation to cover all the proper physiological aspects. Neurotransmitter dominance, hormonal balance, cortisol modulation, and many more specificities are shelled in this diet plan.

Get ready to be challenged!

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