Get ready to be challenged!

Type 1A is all about intensity, challenge, and are very numbers-driven, the kind of people who play to win. For them, every workout is a challenge and they must feel they are improving to stay motivated.

This diet is made to make you lose fast with intensity!

It uses a low carb, moderate fat and high protein approach well suited for the Type 1A


What's included

  • The diet includes a complete supplements protocol exclusively for the Type 1A

  • Guidelines on how to set macros, progression and adjustments week by week

  • A recommended list of aliments

Lead your nutrition!

Keeping this in mind, we get a fair idea of the way they need to approach a fat loss diet. Neurologically, they are not made for a slow and steady approach. Type 1A is usually impatient. Instead, jump right into the calorie deficit and make sure they feel improvement, the sooner the better!

One method I like to use is a Blast & Cruise approach. Three weeks of calorie deficit with very high proteins and low carbs approach, alternated with 1 week of maintenance dieting to recover.

The plan also includes a precise guide to supplementation to cover all the proper physiological aspects. Neurotransmitter dominance, hormonal balance, cortisol modulation, and many more specificities are shelled in this diet plan.