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So, it looks like you’re stuck, quarantined at home, while the apocalypse is going on. But you are among the lucky few who have a decently equipped home gym. Do you have a barbell, plenty of weights, a bench, and a power rack? Well, you, my friend, will be among the jacked ones when this whole thing blows over.

While with a decent home gym, you can do most of the work prescribed in the regular training programs, we also designed a unique 12-weeks Apocalypse plan for you. If you want to get the heads up and take advantage of this period to focus on your training, this plan will help you get there.

It will get you stronger and more muscular, using the Omni-Contraction Training System, with a solid “back to the basics” plan.

What's included

  • A 12-week long program

  • An RPE chart to help gauge the level of effort in each set

  • Direction and mandatory notes on the execution of the different methods and tempos


This is a plan that requires a barbell, a decent amount of weight, an adjustable bench, a power/squat rack, and light/moderate dumbbells (or resistance bands). It allows for heavier loading than the other plans and is actually also great at getting you a lot stronger.

There are four weekly workouts: three whole-body workouts per week.

– one is focusing on eccentric-emphasis techniques, the second on isometric-emphasis methods, and the last one on concentric actions. We then have a fourth session, which is more of a beach muscle workout.

The program is 12-weeks long and provides two, three-week phases.