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Time to get home-jacked!

Because of the COVI19 situation, the government has recommended social distancing, and as a result, most gyms are closed. Or it’s recommended that you don’t go for a few weeks.

Well, first here we are to tell you not to panic: Christian has been practicing social distancing for 25 years, and it said that it isn’t that bad! You can also overcome the “no gym” thing quite easily by training at home.

You might not have a full home gym, but if you have your body weight and light to moderate dumbbells, Chris designed this 6-week plan for you.

This program uses the Omni-Contraction System and advanced training methods that will allow you to get a strong stimulus, even in the absence of heavyweights.

Brothers and sisters’ social distances, time to get home-jacked!

What's included

  • Explanation and mandatory notes on exercises execution

  • An RPE chart to help gauge your level of effort

  • A 6-week long program divided into 2 phases of 3 weeks


This program allows for moderate loading in the form of dumbbells. Since we can’t load as much as with the barbell program, we use more intensification methods (read “painful methods”) to stimulate growth. We use techniques like isometric pre-fatigue, mechanical drop sets, and tempo contrast sets to make them work harder and stimulate growth.

There are four weekly workouts: three whole-body workouts per week.

One focusing on eccentric-emphasis techniques, the second on isometric-emphasis methods and the last one on concentric actions. We then have a fourth session, which is more of a beach muscle workout.

The program is 6-weeks long and provides two, three-weeks phases.