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This doesn’t feel like I’m doing a bodyweight program, it feels like I’m preparing for war!

Paul Dumas

Thibarmy's Client

This program is a step up from the first bodyweight plan we published.

Ideally, you would do this one after you’ve completed the first one, or if you are a tough motherf**ker!

It uses more advanced methods and combinations than the first one, including a lot of isometrics combined with regular movements, supersets, giant sets. It will provide a level of intensity that you will rarely see in a simple bodyweight program.

It can make you more jacked for the upcoming zombie invasion or of the hardest guy in prison!

It includes three main workout days that compete with each other for the amount of pain they can inflict you. There is also a fourth, optional day, that is done with either dumbbells or bands. If you don’t have access to those simply roll through the workouts on a one day on, one day off basis.

It’s cooler, it’s nastier and it’s gonna really challenge you.

What's included

  • A 6-week long program divided into 2 phases of 3 week

  • An RPE chart to help gauge the level of effort in each set

  • Direction and mandatory notes on the execution of the different methods and tempos


There are four weekly workouts: three whole-body workouts per week.

One is focusing on eccentric-emphasis techniques, the second on isometric-emphasis methods, and the last one on concentric actions. We then have a fourth session, which is more of a beach muscle workout.

The program is 6-weeks long and provides two, three-weeks phases.

If you are short on gym equipment but not on guts and pain tolerance, give this program a go!