If you are a muscle development fan, you know how important arms are when it comes to doing well in a competition. And if you are simply someone who trains to look jacked and awesome, having impressive arms is even more impactful. After all, unless you like to spend your whole life shirtless or in a tank top, your arms will remain the most visible body part. And rightfully or not, well-built arms remain the main objective of most gym rats.

And what about girls? Well, nice guns are important for them too. The athletic, sleek and firm female body is becoming the big trend. And even though well-developed glutes and legs will remain the number one objective for most hard-training women, having solid and defined arms is more and more sought after.

Have you been having trouble building your biceps and triceps up? Do they look incomplete or lag behind the rest of your body? Or maybe you have good arms but you would like to take them to “circus freak” level. Well, this is the specialization phase for you!