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Ballistic Advanced Training Institute (B.A.T.I.)

The Ballistic Advanced Training Institute is a continuing education provider whose mission is to enable the development and competence of strength and conditioning professionals. B.A.T.I. is committed to setting high standards of excellence where educational quality and usability is concerned.

Developped by Christian Thibaudeau – Ballistic Management, B.A.T.I. values the design, development and administration of the highest quality continuing education program. Our courses have been developed by experts in the industry, who provide knowledge and capability to help strength and conditioning professionals reach their full potential.


B.A.T.I. offers comprehensive certifications and continuing education courses covering a wide variety of topics including functional assessment, functional training, corrective training tools, rehabilitation concepts, advanced training principles and techniques, program design, and more… 

Those courses are accredited by CanFitPro and are recognized by the Fédération des Kinésiologues du Québec (FKQ)

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The HYPERTROPHY CORNERSTONE COURSE will explain the various ways to make a muscle grow and how to design training sessions that will lead to optimal gains in muscle size. It will show you which approach will work best for what individuals and why some people do not respond well to some approaches that are effective for other people. Armed with this knowledge you will be able to design training programs that are sure to deliver growth to any client.


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This is the first course of 3, on the Neurotyping system. In this one, you’ll learn the science and founding principles behind the Neurotyping system and it will give you solid guidelines to start designing a program for each type of personality.

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This is the second course of the Neurotyping system. This course provides you with effective means, methods, and strategies on how to assess a client’s neurological profile. You’ll be able to design optimal programs based on both his neurotype and goal(s).

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This is the third course of the Neurotyping system. This course will be focusing on nutrition and supplementation. If training should be influenced by your neurological profile, nutrition and supplementation themselves can directly influence that profile. It will teach you the proper way how to eat to maximize performance.

Movement Optimization Specialist Course

Movement Optimization Specialist Course

The MOVEMENT OPTIMIZATION SPECIALIST COURSE provides you with an analytical, problem-solving approach geared towards efficient and effective programming for optimal and functional movement.  You will be introduced to T.O.S.S. (Training Optimization Support Strategy), a comprehensive strategy that directs various assessment and corrective tools towards an intervention for movement optimization.