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Pendulum training – Bodybuilding

By full_thib

/ Articles / Training / 19 November, 2020

In my last article, Pendulum Training, I introduced the basic principles behind a new way to plan your workouts. This new way of thinking is based on …

Pendulum training – Non-Linear Periodization for Maximum Gains

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Articles / Muscle gain / Training / 13 November, 2020

I have been writing articles for over 20 years. All and all we’re talking about over 600 individual pieces! Sometimes, I like to take a trip down memo…

The jacked athlete 31 plan Part 3 – The template

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Articles / Muscle gain / 08 September, 2020

WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: THE TEMPLATE   I will provide you with a recommended periodized plan. However, I want you to keep something in mind: it is for ill…

The jacked athlete 31 plan Part 2 – The Overall Plan

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Articles / Muscle gain / 27 August, 2020

WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE: THE OVERALL PLAN   The Jacked Athlete 31 plan uses 4 week blocks. The first three weeks are “performance-based” and the fourth…

The Jacked Athlete 31 Plan – Part 1

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Muscle gain / Strength and performance / 24 August, 2020

FACT 1   If you constantly repeat the same workout week-in and week-out, keeping the same exercises, number of sets, number of reps and effort and int…

5 things you can do when you don’t have access to a gym

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Training / 20 March, 2020

When you are passionate about training, not being able to go to the gym can be a mental (and physical) torture! Not only because of the fear of losing…

Should You Use Sport-Specific Training?

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Strength and performance / Training / 11 December, 2019

You have all seen them on social media or even on TV sports shows: athletes doing resistance training exercises aimed at mimicking the structure of a …

Sympathetic Overactivation – How to get out of it 

By Stéphane Aubé

/ Rehab, mobility & injury prevention / Strength and performance / 27 October, 2019

I have seen so many programs that include all the methods and exercise variations you can possibly find in the history of mankind that yet still don’t…

Six Ways to Reach Your Genetic Potential

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Articles / Muscle gain / Strength and performance / 12 October, 2019

Here’s what you need to know…  Most people, even those with great genetics for bodybuilding, never reach their full potential. These metho…

Beef up your body composition

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Fat loss / Muscle gain / 30 September, 2019

Over the past few weeks, I’ve focused on novel exercises to correct weak areas, effective training programs to try, and training methods to cran…

Stripping Fat with Metabolic Pairings 

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Articles / Fat loss / Training / 15 August, 2019

Spent this past weekend BBQ hopping and now you need to buckle back down before the buckle snaps?  Instead of spending the next week pulling belt buck…

Locked and Loaded – Loading Patterns for Strength and Muscle Gains

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Articles / Muscle gain / Strength and performance / Training / 25 July, 2019

Besides exercise selection, the most important factor involved in developing size and strength is the nature of the load. This is a function of three …