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Kick Start Any Fat Loss Diet With This Supplement 

By Stéphane Aubé

/ Articles / Nutrition & Supplementation / 18 July, 2019

When talking about fat loss and supplements, we usually hear about fat burners and stimulants. Stimulating the nervous system to release more adrenali…

The Truth About Soreness

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Articles / Muscle gain / Rehab, mobility & injury prevention / Strength and performance / 28 March, 2019

Here’s what you need to know… Getting really sore after lifting weights doesn’t necessarily mean that you had a good workout that wi…


By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Fat loss / Nutrition & Supplementation / Videos / 18 March, 2019

If it fits your macros has unfortunately become a system where people stop paying attention to the quality of what they are eating…as long as it…


By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Articles / Miscellaneous / Muscle gain / Rehab, mobility & injury prevention / Strength and performance / 07 March, 2019

When it comes to client assessment: conducting various physical tests to have a better idea of a client’s strengths, weaknesses, compensatory mechanis…


By Stéphane Aubé

/ Articles / Nutrition & Supplementation / 07 February, 2019

This is a frequent topic which I get a lot of questions about. Why don’t my pre-workout supplements keep their full efficiency after a couple of uses.…

‘’Detox’’ your way back to the gym after holidays 

By Stéphane Aubé

/ Articles / Nutrition & Supplementation / 03 January, 2019

This is not new, the period following the Holiday season is not only the busiest in the gym but also the one where the coaches are back to service in …

Magnesium – which type should you choose?

By Stéphane Aubé

/ Articles / Nutrition & Supplementation / 25 October, 2018

Everybody knows the name, but what magnesium really is and especially, what its essential actions are is not that well known. Of course, telling you t…

Quick guide to peri workout nutrition and supplements for each neurotype

By Stéphane Aubé

/ Neurotyping / Nutrition & Supplementation / 21 August, 2018

Here at Thibarmy, our readers are starting to get a bit more familiar with the neurotyping approach and the big lines that describe each type. Now tha…

A Rehab Case Study: Gluteal Tendinopathy Part 1

By Mai-Linh Dovan

/ Articles / Rehab, mobility & injury prevention / 07 August, 2018

Gluteal tendinopathy is a relatively new term. Lateral hip pain over the greater trochanter has typically been termed trochanteric bursitis. I came ac…

Is Caloric Intake the Only Thing That Matters?

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Nutrition & Supplementation / 06 August, 2018

There are many hot topics in this industry. Topics that generate a lot of debate. Nutrition is one of those topics. Specifically, caloric intake is of…

Oscillatory Training

By Steffan Jones

/ Articles / Miscellaneous / Rehab, mobility & injury prevention / Strength and performance / 31 July, 2018

Introduction I have experimented with a number of training methods over the years, as a player and now as a specialist fast bowling prep coach. Some o…

Insatiable: Fat Shaming?

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Articles / Fat loss / Miscellaneous / Nutrition & Supplementation / 26 July, 2018

Because this article might ruffle some feathers let me preface by saying this: I know what it is to be fat. While I was never obese, I was fat. I once…