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PERIODIZATION — The key to unlocking true strength.

By Alex Babin

/ Articles / Crossfit / Strength and performance / 11 June, 2019

“Periodization: long-term cyclic structuring of training and practice to maximize performance to coincide with important competitions.”   In the stren…

To Sniff or Not To Sniff: Can You Get Too Amped Up Before a Big Lift?

By Alex Babin

/ Articles / Miscellaneous / 14 November, 2017

Can you get too amped up before a big lift?  The screams, the 4-scoops of over-caffeinated pre-workouts, the ammonia caps or smelling salts, the slaps…


RPE-based Training – Part 2: Why RPE-based Train CAN be your Worst Enemy

By Alex Babin

/ Articles / Strength and performance / 17 October, 2017

  As we talked about in the first article of this series, the RPE system is a way for athletes to quantify the difficulty of a working set based …

RPE-based Training – Part 1: Why RPE-based Train CAN be your Best Friend

By Alex Babin

/ Articles / Strength and performance / 10 October, 2017

When you train for strength there is a very real problem you might be faced with: how hard should I push myself on my sets? We hear so many different …


My Bone to Pick: B.S. Coaching

By Alex Babin

/ Articles / Miscellaneous / 13 July, 2017

I’ve got a little bone to pick with something that’s truly been irritating me for a while now. This can also apply to powerlifting but I’ve seen it mo…


Find Your Real Strength

By Alex Babin

/ Articles / Crossfit / 22 June, 2017

Father’s day Since I can remember I’ve been passionate about lifting weights & getting stronger, it always had a powerful meaning in my life. I fe…

Great cueing  > Corrective exercises

By Alex Babin

/ Articles / Rehab, mobility & injury prevention / 16 February, 2017

As much as finding cool, innovative and flashy exercises to “fix” someone’s faulty movement patterns is attractive and projects that we know what we’r…

SPECIAL EXERCISES SERIES – No.3 Reverse Bench Row with bands

By Alex Babin

/ Articles / Muscle gain / Strength and performance / 29 December, 2016

Whether you’re a believer in the role of the lats for benching or not, you simply cannot ignore the importance of a strong upper back. Throughout all …