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Talent. What is it and where does it begin?

By Steffan Jones

/ Neurotyping / 21 November, 2019

How do we identify talent and ultimately develop talent? Let me start by saying as coaches we control around 50% of their talent progression. More oft…

Oscillatory Training

By Steffan Jones

/ Articles / Miscellaneous / Rehab, mobility & injury prevention / Strength and performance / 31 July, 2018

Introduction I have experimented with a number of training methods over the years, as a player and now as a specialist fast bowling prep coach. Some o…

Isometric Training in the ‘Skill-Stability Paradigm’

By Steffan Jones

/ Articles / Miscellaneous / Neurotyping / Strength and performance / Training / 14 June, 2018

This is a 3- part series on isometric training and how I implement it as a preparation coach in fast bowling in cricket. Fast bowling can be seen as t…

Neurotyping In Fast Bowling

By Steffan Jones

/ Articles / Neurotyping / 15 February, 2018

Christian Thibaudeau has developed a system that I believe is a game changer for sports preparation training. It takes individualization to another le…