Online consult with Christian Thibaudeau

You can now talk with Coach Christian Thibaudeau and pick his brain on any topic related to training, Neurotyping, nutrition, and supplementation. Whether you want help with your own training, are a coach looking for a resource to help you fix some of your clients’ problems or are someone who is passionate about training, he can help you find the best approach.

$199,99 / Hour


*Please note, that the Skype session can also be done in French.

Online consult with Mai-Linh Dovan

Our Online Consult service in (P)Rehabilitation and Movement Optimization offers you guidance to improve the body’s resilience and robustness. This service will help you apply a comprehensive functional training approach, rooted in clinical strategies and geared towards prevention and performance.

Are you a coach/trainer? This service can be particularly useful in reviewing specific cases to help you develop an action plan. We can likely anticipate 2-3 case reviews per 1-hour consultation.

$99,99 / Hour